Mental Health 101

What is Mental Health 101?

Mental Health 101 is our early intervention program for middle and high school students across Tennessee. Mental Health Association staff visit more than 120 schools annually, serving over 30,000 students in the academic year. 

Students are eager to learn about mental health because many know their peers are struggling with mental health problems or struggling themselves. Our outcome data shows gains in demonstrable knowledge of mental illness signs and symptoms, symptom duration, suicidal behaviors, and how to intervene.

The most important outcomes for us are how did the students use what they learned from Mental Health 101. Did they seek help for a fellow student? Did they seek help for themselves? We return to a school year after year and we hear from teachers and counselors that students we taught put their knowledge to work. That gives us goosebumps every time.

-Ben Harrington, CEO

Student Feedback

Miss Laura: Thank you for coming and teaching our class. I learned a lot. I have noticed that I have the symptoms of depression. I would never have known if you didn’t come. So thank you!

Mental Health 101 was really good. It was even better than what I got from my doctor because it made me feel like I’m normal and not crazy.

Teacher Feedback

I was so impressed! The teacher built rapport with my students and related to them in such an understanding manner. I believe they learned valuable information from her and felt they could trust her in just one class period. She was attentive to their needs, caring, and very kind to the students.

The Mental Health Association offers all services to eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin or disability.

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