Outreach programs and activities take us across East Tennessee to classrooms, churches, workplaces, police departments, television & radio stations and health fairs. Where will we go next?

Staff participating in the Typical or Troubled? teacher in-service training program at area schools. Former Program Coordinator, Jennifer Tedder teaching Mental Health 101 at a high school Wellness class. Participants at the November 2007 WATE “Mental Health Television Special” pose for a picture after the live TV show organized by the MHA & WATE. Karen Queener, VP for Human Resources at Pellissippi State Community College accepts the “2010 Mental Health Matters in the Workplace Award” presented by Ben Harrington, Executive Director of the Mental Health Association of East Tennessee. Christopher Kennedy Lawford (L) signs books purchased by Mayor Mike Ragsdale (R) at the CEO breakfast. David Shern, PhD, President & CEO of Mental Health America. Speaking at the 2010 Mental Health Matters in the Workplace Conference emphasizes, to the audience that untreated or poorly treated mental illness in employees costs businesses dearly in direct and indirect costs. Recovery Specialist Sheryl McCormick, (Peninsula) visits with Rhonda Marshall from Johnson City at the Fall Psychiatric Symposium. Ben Harrington presents Chris Martland from TEAM HEALTH One of two 2010 “Mental Health Matters in the Workplace Awards.” Christopher Kennedy Lawford answers a CEO’s question at the CEO breakfast prior to the 2009 Mental Health Matters in the Workplace Conference. Clif Tennison, MD, (Helen Ross McNabb Center) has volunteered his time as Fall Psychiatric Symposium facilitator, for 13 years, confers with a colleague. Carol Huffaker (L) from the Cariten affiliate of Humana and Suzanne Rose from Landmark International Trucking at the employer conference. Christopher Kennedy Lawford (L) meets Allen Edwards, President of Pellissippi State. Christopher Kennedy Lawford (C) poses with key sponsors of the workplace conference. Pictured from left to right from Bradford Health Services Mike Southerland, John West & Angie McCord and Dan Caldwell, CEO of Cornerstone of Recovery.